Mounted Aluminum Prints

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 For the Holiday season I’m offering Photographs printed on aluminum.
  • Thin, Super Light, High Gloss or Natural Metal Matte finish
  • No need to frame, mounts on one nail or screw,  1/2inch from wall
  • High resolution durable/washable surface
  • Signed limited prints
  • New technology, incredible depth, dimension, color and B&W, long lasting
  • Works exceptionally well with my vibrant images
  • Makes a great ready to hang on the wall gift (no glass or framing)
  • Dyptics, triptics, and Clusters with multiple images look incredible – Fill any size wall, Get creative, Change them around
  • Special introductory prices
  • 6in print with mount $90.00 + shipping
  • 10in print with mount $110.00 + shipping
  • 12in print with mount $120.00 + shipping
  • 16in print with mount $160.00 + shipping
  • Choose from images here or find  a photograph on my Facebook page that you want printed,  copy page address include in email +$20 prepping charge per photo and have that printed
  • Order on PRINTS FOR SALE PAGE OR EMAIL with FB page address of photo
  •  paypal or check

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