New Work

San Francisco Shipyards-30.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-19.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-10.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-14.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-15.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-16.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-17.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-18.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-2.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-20.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-25.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-26.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-27.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-28.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-13.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-3.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-34.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-12.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-5.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-6.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-7.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-8.jpgSan Francisco Shipyards-9.jpg
I like to shoot all the time and I am constantly challenging myself to construct improvised photo essays and find new projects. Here is what I’ve been working on lately.